Decorative tapes, especially those produced by hand with tassels, pompoms or other decorative elements, have been a luxurious and delicate commodity from the very beginning of their existence. Despite the passage of time, these features have not lost their relevance. They have always been an element attributed to the noble, distinguished and elegant world, having one unique, but powerful utility value – the decorative value. We produce them in many designs using various materials. Their selection depends on the target use of haberdashery. Delicate, sensitive models made of fancy materials require gentle treatment and handling. Even the most solidly made of it will be irreparably damaged if it is handled without proper care and delicacy. The use of this type of decorations requires users to live a different lifestyle than the one that is encouraged by massively and soullessly produced, cheap goods from the production line, made of indestructible plastic. However, it is only thanks to the most delicate ones that rooms become warm, cozy, rich, elegant and interesting. The decorations gain a unique atmosphere and individual character, becoming at the same time an indicator of the status of their owners.