We offer tassels in an endless number of models and colors. We produce them in many techniques using precious, refined and artificial threads. We also use wood, glass, ceramics and metal to make them. All our models are characterized by the originality of designs created for exclusive sale through the commercial network of our company. Only with us you can order tassels of any specified color. You can also freely parameterize the length and type of rope to be attached. We will also adjust the height of the cascade of threads hanging from the tassel to your individual requirements. It can be up to 2 meters high! When browsing our offer, you will surely notice, apart from the timeless elegance and chic, classic tassels, models perfectly matching the color and form of modern interiors. We have also developed patterns that, with the bold selection of materials used in the production, will be the most important elements of extravagant decoration projects.